Soooo…here I am.

It’s a new year and I decided to go ahead and do something I always wanted to do…write.

I said to myself, “Hey, it’s a new year…why not keep records of 2014 so you can look back and reflect and crap?”

It could have been a more exciting intro or maybe I could have given you some long-winded-Lifetime-movie-crybaby-backwater-sob story as to what really brought me to this point. But I don’t. I’m simply because I can be and because I’m normal.

And you know what?

Normal can be pretty cool sometimes.

Normal is filled with awesome weekends and not so cool weekdays, lots of laughs and gut-wrenching heartbreaks, moments we will pray that we can forget and memories that stay with us for a lifetime.

Maybe you will keep walking through this year with me and see where it takes me, maybe you’ll think I’m really stupid and stop reading after this sentence-either way, this is a year in my life.

My simple, boring, normal life.



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